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Living Stories


What if your life was a story you were telling? What would you like it to say? All the choices we make, what we say, do and think have a powerful effect on the world around us.

In this post-Factual world in can be easy to become obsessive about the truth, and caught up in never ending arguments. Perhaps it’s because facts aren’t half as interesting as feelings.

So let’s forget about the so called facts for a moment. Facts without stories have no context with which to relate from this felt sense of self. A good story gives us hooks to relate and remember information, it provides a solid foundation on which our imagination can build.

To be human is to be vulnerable, to feel. When we are willing to directly experience and embody this felt sense of the stories of our lives, our sense of self expands accordingly. Our lives become Bigger, broader, Greater.

In telling, listening and sharing our stories, we strengthen our connection to all of life around us. Read the rest of this entry