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Keeping on. Yoga & the Practise of resilience

Keeping on.                                                   Yoga & the Practise of resilience

Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part, sometimes it’s knowing when to stop but very often the hardest thing I’ve found is how to keep on going. Life is beautiful but it can also be chaotic and unpredictable and downright scary at times, when we want to stop the world and get off, learning how to keep going is the art of resilience.

As each day adds to my accumulated life experience I’m developing a sweet mix of confidence and humility. Confidence in who I am and a trust in life, and the humility to accept that theres so much more to life than I could possibly understand.

I am a lover of life, it’s wildly exciting to the point of near constant distraction. And maybe I’ve always been more interested with the fact of living than in directing it. Casting your ship out to see without a map is exhilarating but also exhausting. It’s taken me years (& years) of practise to discover how very much I still need to learn how to focus.
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