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The yoga of Growing through pain


It’s a natural response to want to get away from pain. We all like to feel good, But pain can hold important lessons for us. Your body and mind are a complex interactive operating system for your life. Pain is a warning signal that something isn’t working optimally. If we refuse to truly experience our pain, then we rob ourselves of the healing potential it offers. As the mystical Poet Rumi put it “the cure for the pain is in the pain.”

As a yoga teacher I often hear people telling me that they can’t do yoga because  (insert current issue here) . Be it a painful back, an aching hip, a dodgy knee or a bad mood, there’s not much that a yogic approach can’t work to improve. I’m not saying that you should always attend your fast strong asana class no matter what, I’m saying the practise of yoga goes beyond the fast strong classes and that these issues maybe your invitation into a different approach.

Pain can be physical, emotional or mental, it can be chronic or acute, whatever the case the fear of the pain can be just as bad or worse than the pain itself. Once you’re caught up in the stories and resistance it can be really hard to see things rationally and clearly. In my research I’ve come up with this 3 step strategy to safely navigate my way through any painful experience, maybe it’s helpful to you also.

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Movement as medicine



“Movement is medicine and I trust that if you put your psyche in motion it will heal itself.”
~ Gabrielle Roth

The body is made for movement, movement is your first language. It is your first experience of expression or interacting with the world around you. A movement based healing practise takes you back to the beginning; beyond the thoughts and words is the primal power of the body, present, powerful, real. When you change the way you move, you change the conversation you are having with life, and as your body changes your mind and heart are moved with it. When you change everything changes. Your body is more than a temple it is a living breathing prayer.